The term 'psychometric' comes from the Greek words for mental and measurement. Psychometric tests are also used to measure an individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style but adopt a different approach.


They use different types of written tests to evaluate a person’s intelligence, aptitude, personality, ability to handle pressure and working style. BrainOroma uses psychometric tests to supplement the results of Dermatoglyphics.


Many organizations mainly rely on psychometric tests to shortlist desired candidates for critical jobs. For this reason, we also offer standalone packages of psychometric tests as per client requirement.

Benefits of Psychometric test:

  • Find your child’s or your own career interest, career values, personal development, personality and skills & abilities

  • Explore your child’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities

  • Explore your child’s career clusters

  • Explore various possible career paths for your child

  • Career Path Analysis : Helps you to understand about your child’s career path,whether to pursue, explore, avoid or develop skills & abilities

  • Skills & Abilities Analysis: Gap analysis of your child’s skills & abilities for your child’s desired career path

  • Work Nature Analysis: Helps you to understand about work environment and knowledge required for your child’s desired career path

  • Factor Analysis : Helps you to understand about fees, salary, demand, level of preparation analysis for your child’s desired career path

  • Develop a Career Road Map: Detailed execution plan

  • Occupational Support: Helps you in selecting a right occupation, placement guidance for your child

  • Counseling : Personal Development Coach, Group counseling and active informational support

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