What is Dermatoglyphyics? How can it helpful?

At BrainOroma we are conducting Dermatoglyphyics reports. Derma means skin and glyphic a German word means patterns together it means the study of skin patterns. To begin from the beginning when a woman is conceiving a child, during the 13th week of her pregnancy the fingerprints of the child starts to develop. We might have heard about thinking, seeing and surrounding woman with a total positive environment the scientific reason behind it is that during that time period the fingerprints that develops remains same forever. So, whatever a woman is doing during that time builds the personality of child. It is a life-time report based on research. Any person from the age group of 2 years to 70 years can get these reports done.

Howard Gardner proposed this model in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The test is based on scientific studies and designs founded in the fields of Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Embryology. The Chinese have used Fingerprints.

Benefits and outcomes of Dermatoglyphyics reports are not limited to any particular community, age group or sex rather it is beneficial to all mankind.

Benefits of Dermatoglyphyics reports for children/students:

  • To know your child’s or your own career interest, career values, personality and skills & abilities.

  • Explore your child’s strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.

  • Explore your child’s career clusters

  • Ample of choice in career

  • Career Path Analysis

  • Skills & Abilities Analysis

  • Develop a Career Road Map: Detailed plan to be executed.

Benefits of Dermatoglyphyics reports for Employees:

  • One can understand his/her core competencies.

  • Self-confidence can be boosted up once the personality is known.

  • Improved performance.

  • Hidden talents can be revealed.

  • Helps in selecting right occupation.

  • Preferable work environment in which it is suitable for the person to work.

  • To know about leadership qualities present in him/her.

Benefits of Dermatoglyphyics reports for Relationships:

  • To know the compatibility of partners.

  • To know the each other’s strength and weaknesses

  • It can be determined that what kind of partner is best suited for the person.

  • Certain problems that results into fights and mismatch the understanding of the couple can be detected.

  • Advice for a healthy relationship can be availed.

Purpose of Brainoroma:

  • The motive of BrainOroma is to spread awareness about the concept of systematic parenting and to eliminate traditional parenting.

  • Another motive is to bring out the hidden talents of people and to highlight their core competencies.

  • 72% people of the world are into wrong occupation, to guide them proper career path is the purpose of BrainOroma.

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