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How Do We Do It?

We would like to enumerate this with a story:


There was a girl of merely 8 years, who was not good at understanding the mathematical knowledge imparted by her teachers at school. She was given general instructions to concentrate more on her daily homework & try to solve the numerical problems just like how everyone else solves them. The girl in spite of trying extremely hard to understand the problem, was not able to grasp the information & eventually started failing in the subject, with everyone around her thinking that it’s her problem & that she is not focused enough to solve the problem.


There are 3 problems which come to mind after reading the story-

  • All the students were considered to have the same personality & human characteristics and hence were taught in the same manner

  • The girl in spite of giving her best was not able to get to grips with the subject of Maths

  • The solution given to her problem was Prescriptive in nature. She was told to focus and do more hard work to pass.


Brainoroma targets the problems mentioned above on the basis of the following tenets –

  • Each and every Human being is different & hence one solution cannot apply to multiple people

  • The solution should be Suggestive in nature rather being Prescriptive. Someone should understand my personality and accordingly guide me on the basis of it, not just prescribe me to work harder

  • Every individual has a unique trigger point for her/his action & reaction & that trigger needs to be found out & understood


The Proprietary Name

BrainOroma uses the scientific research of Dermatoglyphics (Derma = Skin, Glyphics = Patterns) Tests to give objective information on the personality & behavioral characteristics of any individual.

We also provide customized Psychometric Tests for students of various age-groups for their career counselling.


History Of

The Research

  • The Chinese have used Fingerprints from more than 2000 years for signature and identification.

  • Sir Francis Galton (cousin of Charles Darwin) in 1893 scientifically proved that there is a direct correlation between Fingerprints & a person’s medical & behavioral profile.

  • In 1926, Dr. Harold Cummins, widely acknowledged as the father of “Dermatoglyphics”, coined this term. He undertook further studies by intermingling the studies of Anthropology (study of Human societies), Genetics (study of Heredity) & Embryology (study of embryo & its development) & established a scientifically proven connection between Fingerprints & Development of Brain.

Usage Of

The Report

we analyze the fingerprints & provide a report on the basis of it. The main outputs from the results are as follows –

  • Relationship of the Brain to our Hands

  • Individual Personality & Behavior

  • Learning Style of the individual

  • Distribution ratio of 8 different intelligences

  • Career Options with Graphs


All the points come with techniques on how to improve individually & achieve excellence


As part of our offering we provide expert consulting sessions with parents, employers & guardians of the test-taker to provide objective analysis with regards to the results of the test.



Premium Product


BrainOroma offers the unique concept of Dermatoglyphics Tests that is not given by many career counseling institutes across India.  It is one of the very few extending the scientifically proven benefits of this test in Vadodara and worldwide.






It helps children chose a career path for which they are born, depending on their inherent intelligence. It saves the money, time and efforts of parents trying out different types of classes (For example, Music, Robotics, Cricket, Karate, Drawing, etc.) with the hope to find the one that interests their child.


It assists students and their parents in the most challenging decision of selecting a stream for higher education. Often students take decisions based on peer influence, family pressure, and current trends. They end up wasting their crucial years doing irrelevant courses. Needless to say, a person will derive satisfaction in doing a job that naturally aligns with his/her personality. 

Useful To All

The services extended at BrainOroma are not just beneficial to students, but also to business organizations and families. Knowing the learning style, personality and behavioral pattern of individuals helps in improving interpersonal relationships.


It has helped organizations improve internal communication, identify training needs, impart correct training, and promote the right candidates.


Is marriage not all about knowing the other person well? The results of Dermatoglyphics Analysis and follow-up counseling have helped couples facing trouble adjusting to family demands.

Accurate Results


The results of Dermatoglyphics Analysis and Psychometric Tests conducted at BrainOroma are more than 99% accurate. Individuals, who found their career paths with the help of BrainOroma, are successful and happy with their career choice.

Expert Counseling


Counselors at BrainOroma provide expert guidance in understanding the results of the test. They provide an objective analysis and provide solutions to overcome weaknesses. They are committed to maintain confidentiality and have a compassionate approach.

Unique programs

BrainOroma offers educational as well as corporate programs to help clients. They are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of every client.


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