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Couples Love, Fight, Love Again and Fight Again...

It is common among couples to experience ups and downs in their relationships, but in some cases the situations can lead to a lot of arguments and unhappiness. It is also true for those who are yet to seal a union. They might be afraid of any such thing happening to them in future. In such cases instead of understanding each other’s  personality type and behavioural aspects,  couples tend to loose the fondness for each other and want to be on their own to seek happiness. 

This issue can be dealt in a different way to improve understanding and build a successful relationship.

These are the most common problems which are observed in relationships :-

  • Fights on petty issues due to lack of understanding of each other’s personality type and behavioural aspects.

  • Difficulty in making a commitment for marriage due to fear of the  problems which are most commonly observed among couples.

  • Loss of interest in each other due to unmet expectations.

BrainOroma targets the problems and helps to resolve the issue in the following manner :-

  • Understanding the personality type, learning abilities and behavioural aspects of your partner, so that they can understand each other better in situations that can lead into arguments.

  • It also helps them to understand the factors which can motivate their partner. This avoids loosing of interests in each other over a period of time.


  • Helps to know your partner’s personality, values and opinions to establish a positive attitude towards contrasting aspects and set realistic expectations before marriage.

  Dermatoglypic Analysis Can Help..  


BrainOroma Speciality

  • Every Individual has unique finger prints, we understand its uniqueness & conduct analysis based on a technology named Dermatoglyphics, which focuses on the eight different types of human intelligence.

  • Dermatoglyphics is a technology which uses the connection of finger prints with our neural networks which scientifically tell us about an Individual’s Personality Traits & Behavioural Characteristics.

  • We conduct special counselling sessions for individuals where in we help them to understand their partner’s behavioural pattern & in what manner he/she can react to certain situations.

  • We encompass various behavioural aspects of human beings to perform a diverse assessment of their aptitude and intelligence.

  • Our Dermatoglyphic Assessment and Counselling Programs are designed based on individual’s case. They help couples  improve their relationships by understanding each other’s likes and dislikes, personalities and motivational factors.

Benefits Of BRAINOROMA's Dermatoglyphic Analysis

For Couples Pre-Marriage : Individuals who wants to better understand other individual before thinking of getting married to him/her.

Helps in knowing an Individual’s personality, values and opinions

Establishes a positive attitude towards contrasting aspects

With our expert counselling programs, set realistic expectations for marriage ,develop conflict resolution skills and iron out differences before a union is sealed.

For Couples Post-Marriage : Individuals who want to recognize and resolve conflicts with his/her partner and improve relationship

Guides Individual to understand his/her partner’s personality  and behavioural aspects

Helps couples over come their problems by focusing on communication, managing differences and even argue in a healthier way to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationship (through customized counseling programs)

Helps individual to know his/her partner’s strengths and weaknesses, reactions and behaviour in various situations which can lead to better understanding and appropriate reactions

We Provide Customized Programs And Counselling Services For Couples...


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How We Can Work Together

We can collaborate with  psychologists, psychiatrists, relationship counselors and marriage bureaus that can help make your relationship better and more fulfilling

Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Our Dermatoglyphic Analysis can help you understand your patient in a better way. This Analyses gives success tips, recommendations and points for self improvement which can be helpful to you in solving your patient’s problems in an effective manner.

Relationship Counselors and Marriage Bureaus

We can help you find a perfect match for your clients.  Our Dermatoglyphic Analysis will help you figure out personality types and traits of an individual. Based on the individual’s personality, you can find/suggest an appropriate partner for him/her. This would significantly increase your success rate.