Challenges Of Corporates

Here's a common situation that companies routinely face in office environment:


A company manager is a leader of a team of engineers.

He himself is a business graduate and thus has limited knowledge of technology and engineering. He doesn't possess necessary technical skills or knowledge to understand the team's perspective. This has led to ineffective communication between him and his team.

His prime focus as a team leader is to be in sync with the team’s work, but the gap of knowledge and lack of communication with the team precludes high productivity.

He tries to fill the gap in knowledge by reading software programming books but it doesn't help.

He doesn't want to approach his team for help as he feels it would make him appear to be a weak leader, and is rather critical of the team's work and time management.

Thus, even though he is extremely meticulous in his work and has a highly competent team, he is not able to reap the desired benefits.


We can recognize three potential problems from this case, 

  • In spite of being extremely careful, he was not able to achieve desired levels of productivity.

  • There were communication gaps between him and the team, which led to delay in resolution of problem.

  • He may not be using the right technique of knowledge acquisition. 


Brainoroma targets the problems mentioned above on the basis of the following tenets,

  • After using Brain’O’roma, he was able to realize that he was a dominant personality and he should work on being compliant with his team. He was given suggestions by us to achieve this goal.

  • It was revealed that he was proficient with visual data and not written text.  He was advised to learn from graphical sources and not verbal.

How Can You Make Your Teams Working Effectively

And Deliver Better?

Benefits Of


For The Company 

Pre-employment screening to find the right person for the job

Improved employee - employer relationship leading to enhanced employee engagement

Better evaluation of employee’s performances, core competencies, qualities, leadership styles & delivery styles to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness

Effective communication with employees by gaining a better understanding of how employees processes information and communicate

Reduced operating cost & maximized corporate value

For The Employee

Better understanding of personal core competencies & hidden talents

Boosted confidence & improved morale leading to higher performance and potential

Reduction in stress, anxiety and enhancement in efficiency that leads to better professional and personal lives as well as good all-round focus on wellbeing

Apt understanding of personal strengths & weaknesses and areas of improvement that become focus for continuous improvement and raised levels of commitment

A renewed sense of purpose and zeal in life that leads to overall growth and betterment

How We Can Work Together

We can collaborate to devise a sound methodology that helps recruit the right employees, help them excel and bring out their best professional performance

During Recruitment

Conduct psychometric test before interviewing the candidates. Make informed decisions based on the assessments provided by us. This helps recognize the right candidates and saves time of interviewing unfit candidates

After Joining

Conduct Dermatoglyphic Analysis of the selected candidates for key positions. This will help design the induction and training schedule based on individual needs

During Development and Evaluation

Conduct Dermatoglyphic Analysis to evaluate the suitability of a candidate for promotion to a particular position and support the development through our specially designed training courses and counselling sessions 


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