Improve Your Child’s Brain Power

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 Are you aware of the fact that our brain activity is always high?


Your brain determines how you experience the world all around you. The brain weighs about 1400 grams and contains a network of around 100 billion neurons (the cells that carry information).

Major parts of our brain are active even when you're resting or sleeping. The percentage of the brain we use at any given time varies from person to person. It also depends on what a person is doing or thinking about or what a person is feeling.

Midbrain, also called mesencephalon, is the most superior of the three regions of the brainstem. The midbrain serves important functions in motor movement, particularly movements of the eye, and in auditory and visual processing. It acts as a communication bridge connecting Left Brain and Right Brain.  

BrainOroma’s 360 Degree Workshop activates your child’s Midbrain and makes it fully functional to balance the usage of left brain and right brain.  Having this bridge activated allows for the retrieval of information between the left and the right brain, which leads to more efficiency in learning and absorbing information. It also brings out and strengthens characteristics such as personality, creativity, memory, application skills, self-confidence and the ability to concentrate.

Benefits of activating your child’s Midbrain through

BrainOroma’s 360 Degree Workshop


Emotional balance and stability.


Improvement of concentration, creativity and confidence.


Super IQ & Intuition 


Reading : Developing ability to read newspaper.

Brain Gym

Balancing of the left and right brain functionality.


Well Balanced Development of the Body and Mind


Improved learning and reading techniques that help in knowledge retention


Great Balance 


Better memory retention abilities.

Development of creative talents, art techniques

Please note that these are not magic tricks that your child learns. he/she actually develops advance sensory capabilities which are otherwise overpowered by the sense of sight and hearing.

Children in the age group of 7 to 15 years
can get the most benefit from our workshop

Our 360 Degree Workshop consists of :

Brain Gym Exercise

It will help to improve left and right hemisphere co-ordination of Brain. The workshop is full of such activities that will channelize the workings of brain.  Brain exercises help the child to have sound sleep which is good for brain development. Regular brain exercises increase the production of new brain cells so a person can have increased brain volume in the key areas. These exercises help your body to control weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Eye Gym Exercise

It will  help to stretch the sitting hours of your child while studying, without straining their eyes The workshop will teach such activities which will impact positively in your child’s studies.

Intuitive Abilities

The workshop will focus on overall development of brain which will conduct the activities that activate the five senses Touch, Taste, Smell, Audio and Visual

Regardless of the child’s current academic standards,

BrainOroma's 360 Degree Workshop will further strengthen and improve their abilities. When children use their whole brain, they can

achieve higher success in their future.

Development Workshop

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